RailsBridge Review

To break in the new blog and set the stage for what I hope is to come, a RailsBridge review seems perfect.

I attended my first RailsBridge workshop on June 1st with my 5 month old daughter.  The workshop was graciously hosted by Yammer in San Francisco. I can’t say enough good things about this program. The class is free. The food is free. The childcare is free. Did I mention it’s free?

RailsBridge is an entirely volunteer-run Ruby on Rails workshop series for women. They have events in various US cities + Montreal and Panama City. Even if you are completely new to programming, heck, especially if you are completely new to programming, you will be in the right place. The volunteers are super supportive and it is just a nice community to be part of.

Did we learn a lot? Yes. Did I retain much? Uh, not really. It was a good start though. Just having them help set up your computer to run Ruby on Rails is fantastic.

I’m looking forward to attending a frontend workshop in July!