The Command Line Crash Course Review

I did Learn Code the Hard Way’s Command Line Crash Course (CLCC) to try to get up to speed for the class I am doing on Coursera. Learn Ruby the Hard Way has been recommended to me a few times, so I was happy to give one of the shorter tutorials a test run first.

CLCC is definitely for beginners. It was great for me to practice the commands that the professor in my other class is glossing over assuming we know them already. CLCC also asks you to make flashcards, which was a perfect opportunity to get going with Anki.

My only problem with CLCC is that some of the sequences don’t go exactly as planned. For example, the instructions will ask you to remove everything from a directory and then you need those files again in the next exercise. There were a few of those little issues that might trip up someone who is brand new to coding. Overall though, a good, quick overview of the command line. It has helped me already as I am returning to the Startup Engineering assignments.


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