Link: Hardware 101

Hardware 101

This short intro to hardware was super helpful. I always want to know what I am actually doing, not just regurgitating pieces of code. The following video where he shows how the harddrive writes data was interesting too. It all makes so much more sense now! 


2 thoughts on “Link: Hardware 101

  1. I’m SO psyched that you’re reading up on this stuff. Let’s get together before too long and talk storage subsystems! Also, I have this vision of you stopping by the office for one of our tech education sessions or an after-work meetup. In practice I am never around for them because of my double life, but I think it’d be great for you. I’ll try to ping you if some interesting ones come down the pike.

    • Yes! That would be amazing. I am doing this Stanford Startup Engineering class on Coursera and we are using Amazon Web Services and Heroku, so I am learning a ton. It is hard though! The instructors are assuming we have a lot of knowledge already, so I am googling up a storm.

      It’s hard for me to get to the city on a weeknight, because of Zia, but I could make it happen if there is a good event. Of course we are always happy to see you 🙂

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