Link: CAHM Facebook Group

CAHM Facebook Group

Whether you are an experienced programmer or just learning (like me) while you take care of your little ones, join our community! I am typing this as Baby Z sleeps in my lap and I need other people who understand 🙂


2 thoughts on “Link: CAHM Facebook Group

  1. Hi Emily! I am not a mom but Jameson’s mom learned to program back when it was brand new (and she had little ones at home) because she knew it would eventually be a job she could do from home 🙂 She has had her own business running software for special education in public school systems for quite some time now and was able to have a career while still being home for her kids. Hope that’s an inspiration!

    • Thanks, Jen! That is awesome. It’s exactly the kind of story I’m interested in. Do you think she would be open to talking to me? Maybe I can email her?

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